Dear Friends and Family – 2019 rolled right into a busy 2020 so I really haven’t taken a breath to update you on what you helped to accomplish for Branch Out Market and our amazing partners. I wish I could host another Oscars or award’s show but as you are all burnt out on those and the speeches we will go straight the highlights:

Our website is a never ending project and we have added hundreds of new products. A lot of those were added by our fabulous interns (aka family) who have been also fast learners to keep up with the demand to sell on our platform!

Branch Out Market’s booth at Lotus on Cedros – solana beach retail

We went into Retail! (Don’t forget to come shop in Solana Beach) We have a bright blue booth at Lotus Market on Cedros and love that we are starting a wave of give-back shopping!

The holidays were a success again for 2019. I had copious notes from 2018 on which markets to do, avoid, and promote! We went back to the best and had a blast being successful! Not all were amazing, but we continued to try new markets and learn from them on display, set up, what to bring, how to present our amazing partners!

Interns! Again – amazing interns over the summer helped us grow and organize and apply for grants. We didn’t get any grants but we have killer presentations now ready for any investor or pitch – which I have used already a few times.

Sister Anne from Ecuador

I met a legendary hero – Sister Anne- who works with people with Hansen’s disease. She changed my life 14 years ago and helped refuel my passion for what I am doing. It was a God moment that I still cannot believe and am so grateful for.

We applied for and were accepted into the biggest trade shows in the states for homemade goods and retail. In the end our partners were not confident in their ability to produce so we are waiting a year – but we can go when they are ready!

Brita the Monkey

Finally, #BritaTheMonkey made an Instagram impression and continues to travel the country promoting handmade products that give back. Make sure to follow @BranchOutMarket on Instagram to catch a glimpse of this crazy monkey in our stories and feed.


Here are the final numbers for 2019

4 Continents:

South America


North America



13 Countries:





South Africa










Who we impact: 2408 people

(This number still gets me every time. Even though we have a relatively small operation, one person can start a wave and together we have made huge difference in the lives of others through trade and hope!)


Per partner breakdown:

200 artisans


300 babies/children/kids

30 artisans

100 staff


15 artisans


300 artisans


22 card maker artisans

10 jewelry makers


225…75 per training program x 16 week training = 3 times a year

thousands of training hours


600 babies/children/staff

56 artisans


3 artisans

9 family members


20 sewing apprentices


60 knitters


10 artisans


100 children


30 women


3 scholarship recipients


60 women (2 sets per year)


35 teen moms


40 artisans


50 artisans & staff


100 patients


TOTAL 2408 people impacted

Child of Knitter in Zimbabwe

Total Spent in Inventory Directly From our Partners:

Total/Inventory incl. Shipping            $       24,207.23

This number represents what we spent on inventory. Meaning – please feel free to browse the shop and make a purchase on the recently restocked items. If you like to shop in person there are even more excited options for you at our booth at Lotus on Cedros: 240 S Cedros Ave., Solana Beach, California 92075

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