New arrivals are more than stationery

New arrivals are more than stationery, they are a reflection of a brighter future.

About two years ago when I met Laurie and her team in Options Care Clinic we were talking about the challenges of nutrition and feeding programs in George, South Africa. In this growing town the surrounding townships are rapidly growing faster than the opportunity within the city. Along with this there is still a large stigma attached to people living with HIV positive status. Options Care Clinic provides a safe haven, counseling, support, and most creatively a financial opportunity to take back control of their lives. This is where I had the first glimpse of the cards!

Our first order for Branch Out Market was 200 cards, a huge leap we thought. The box of amazing cards arrived in August ready for our September launch! We were thrilled and honestly, I was a little worried, how was I ever going to sell 200 cards?

Well, long story short, like hot-cakes. These beauties sell themselves. Their intricate details and handcrafted designs wow and impress everyone. In addition to a re-order of 202 more cards we have found a local shop to sell them in as well. They have been framed, given as gifts, sent to pen-pals across the states, and hung in classrooms. Most uniquely and heartwarming, they have also been projected onto walls for visually impaired to enjoy.

It is so fun to see friends sort through rhinos, giraffes, houses lined with flowers, and more beautiful designs to find the perfect card. It is also fun to know that with each card a woman’s life is strengthened and supported. She is going from casual card maker to artisan with every purchase piece. An artist in her own right, each design and frame-worthy card is a treasure.

Please scroll through the amazing designs and find one that fits with your home decor or as a surprise to a pen-pal!

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