about us

Branch Out Market is a network of passionate individuals committed to sourcing the best products, sharing stories of grassroots success, and bridging the consumer to the producer for social change. We partner with graphic designers, marketing experts, logistics, warehouse supply chains, and import specialists from around the world – all to ensure that our parts can focus on their missions’ and our customers are able to support them through the online shop.

Branch Out Market is a tribe of explorers who enjoy conversations with strangers and discovering new friends around the world!

our mission

To create a long-term sustainability for social projects, non-profits, and small entrepreneurs by expanding their markets.

To create a world where everyone has access to a larger market.

To build connections between consumers and global artisans online.

our vision

A globally connected market that increases awareness from both the producer and consumer, creating a shared investment in the success of their business through the products they create.

founder’s motivation

The motivation for Branch Out Market comes from experience of watching employment transform someone. During my time in South Africa I watched “gardeners” turn into “farmers”. I saw hobbyists turn into entrepreneurs who finally held their own destiny in their hands. Removing the concern and wonder of “who will buy?” allows these individuals and groups to focus on the mission, product, and quality. Growing up, my grandmother would tell me to “keep your chin up”. Having a sense of purpose about me always made me a few inches taller. No one can “do it all”,  and that is where Branch Out Market comes in – the artist can focus on being creative and we can focus on everything from supply chain management to marketing.

This platform is a marketing and distribution aid to those that have decided to “chin up”, get up, and go make something today. In good faith we hope to do them proud and all walk a few inches taller together.

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