Artisan Highlight: Arieon at Bright Endeavors

Bright Endeavors is a program within New Moms, the parent organization in Chicago. Each mom comes to the program with a different case and different goals. Through the program they help the young ladies in leadership, financial planning, and workplace experience. This opportunity helps the young moms learn skills others might take for granted. They build a solid resume while working towards their goals with love and encouragement all the way. Given that Bright Endeavors has a great success rate it is likely you will have Arieon here as your doctor one day!


Here is Arieon’s experience at Bright Endeavors:

Despite having good standing with previous employers, I came to Bright Endeavors to use it as a stepping stone to my dreams of going into the medical field. I am also a part of other programs offered by New Moms, the parent nonprofit of Bright Endeavors. When I heard about the job training program, I couldn’t resist!


I have learned so many things through the program such as strengthening my math skills, accountability in the workplace, and being a leader!


Other than building my network through making professional connections, my goals are to work towards a career I love and gain confidence in professional situations like interviews. I hope to also go back to school to help with my goal of being in the medical field.


I am growing as a mother by growing mentally and emotionally. Being that motherhood has so many ups and downs, every day can be challenging. This program has reassured me that I have the skills I need to raise a child and to know I’m financially stable is a big plus.



We would like to wish Arieon all the best of luck and know that with that great attitude, support of New Moms, and amazing smile, there is nothing she can’t accomplish!

Every candle is signed by the young mom that made it… who will be on your candle?

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