Artisan Highlight: Keanna at Bright Endeavors

Branch Out Market partners with Bright Endeavors, a social enterprise of New Moms Organization in Chicago to provide an outlet for their training program. This program touches our hearts doubly as they work with young mothers in need of a little support to get both themselves and their new family on track. We love the focus on the whole person, the parent, and how they encourage dreams and goals which can be achieved with a little elbow grease. These young ladies and their families are blessed to find New Moms but also put in the work that it takes to gain skills, write a resume, and find permanent employment.

Here is Keanna’s story:


I came to the job training program of New Moms, called Bright Endeavors because I had heard through social media how positive the program was and a family member referred me in the past. But after being displaced from my home and job, I finally looked into it.


At Bright Endeavors, I am learning to maintain a professional demeanor at work and response inhibition. The goals I have are to find a career that I am proud of and excited to go to back to, and owning my own home. I am working towards these goals by dedicating my free time to researching jobs, applications, and budgeting and saving my money.


I hope to return to school in the upcoming spring, because by then I should have a stable job and adequate childcare for my son.


I am growing as a mother by praying every day for patience because my baby is still growing and learning and some things take time. And in this fast paced world I want to take time to appreciate him and his growing process.


Each candle is signed by the mom who makes it. Who’s name is on your candle? Remember her when you light this candle, you have helped transform a life!

Browse through their amazing handmade candles HERE.

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