Top 10 Bags For Fall

With the summer season coming to an end, you might feel pressured to get back to work. But the fun doesn’t have to end, back to school, shopping, and increased commuting can feel draining. Keep the spirit alive with Branch Out Market’s top 10 bags to keep make your life better as you ease into fall.  

1. Yoga Bag

Keep your exercise routine alive post-summer by reaching for one of Living Soul Foundation’s beautiful yoga bags. Their colorful patterns will re-energize your inner yogi. The bags are available in six different patterns (you can easily get one for all your friends). You can also find peace knowing your purchase helps new moms in Tanzania get the help they need. See you at the studio! Namaste. 




2. Repurposed Sari Clutch

While beach days may be coming to an end it doesn’t mean hanging with your gal pals has to. What better way to accompany your stunning brunch, dinner, or night out look than to throw your things into a Destiny Reflection Sari Clutch? Made from recycled saris your clutch will be sure to draw attention not only for its color but for its story. Choose from one of the many patterns and colors. These little bags will surely increase your evenings’ attire compliments. Your purchase helps support survivors of sex-trafficking in India while teaching new skills. We are sure you will love them! 



3.Leather and Canvas Tote Bag

This stylish bag is a handmade one of a kind piece and a story to boot! The leather and canvas tote bag from Afreek Leather is functional and features the material mixing that gives a bag a sweet personality. All pieces of the bag are hand-stitched from off cuts rather than going to waste they have created a beautiful tote made to last. Use this bag for shopping, library browsing, or just for bringing you joy. The canvas comes in four different colors so you’ll be sure to find a bag that fits your personality. Afreek Leather is a South African leather workshop helping create jobs and spread joy. 






4.Teen Purse

 Branch Out Market did not forget about those going back to school. The teen purse from the Living Soul Foundation is the perfect size to carry your accessories to and from class. The vibrant patterns make it a fun to go back to school. In addition, school is not the only use for the teen bag as it can also be used on days out with friends and travel. Having a stylish bag around is a must have when conquering the world. The bag has an inside pouch to keep everything organized from your keys and chapstick to your tech devices. Featured in five variations this bag helps you remain your stylish self and help new moms in Tanzania.



5.Hope Art Tote Bag

Dive into productivity with the Hope Art Tote Bag made of jean material and fun prints. This bag is a perfect gift for yourself or a friend who also believes you can never have enough bags! Each bag has inside pockets, a zipper, and durable jean bottom. Your purchase helps Hope Art’s orphanage project, the Zambia Project, provide safe housing, water, and nutrition for vulnerable children and families in Zambia.


6. Elephant Print Tote

Make your spirit animal the elephant during this time of year. The stunning elephant tote from Kolective is a perfect way to express yourself through your bag. Not only stunning the tote can help you coordinate your life at home, work, and abroad. Each bag is designed and made by Beninese artists in West Africa and proceeds support a scholarship fund for students. 




7.African Print Pink Clutch

Express yourself with these beautiful african print pink clutches. These bags can be used as a clutch, makeup bag, toiletry bag, or organizer! Handmade with African wax print fabric and a sturdy zipper with a matching zipper pull the clutch is durable for outside use. The interior is lined with 100% beige cotton fabric that shows an attention to detail. Kolective’s is a scholarship fund as well as an opportunity for Beninese seamstresses to sell their handmade goods in the global market. 





8.Leather Tote Bag

Hands off! The quality of leather will have everyone trying to touch (and smell) your bag.  This leather tote bag is made by hand by Afreek Leather Designers and Crafters in Simonstown, South Africa.  The leather bag is very durable but will also age with time into a one-of-a-kind piece. The bag includes an interior pocket made out of sturdy canvas fabric. This is a one-of-a-kind bag that looks, feels, and even smells amazing! 






9.Destiny Travel Bag Set

Use this fun collection of bags to continue exploring (in an organized fashion). What better set of organizers to take with you than the Destiny Travel Bag Set? Your karma increases with the set of three bags as you support the anti-sex-trafficking movement in Kolkata, India. 







10.African Plastic Woven Beach or Shopper Bag

Who says beach days have to come to an end? Hold onto that summer feeling with these woven bags from Kolective. Featuring four colorful variations it is sure to keep the summer vibe alive. The square or circular base provides a standing bottom while the handles hold up to heavy contents. The plastic is made from prayer-mat off-cuts so not only is it a sustainable purchase… it is supporting a scholarship fund for students in Benin, West Africa. We can’t think of a reason you don’t need one! 

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