Celebrating Mayan Success of 2018

Throughout the year Branch Out Market has been able to watch our partners grow. Mayan Hands, one of our amazing partners with a goal equally simple, beautiful, and inspiring, “…making a difference, empowering women, improving the living conditions of families, and nurturing a new generation of girls that will become great leaders in their communities and their country,” has experienced unprecedented growth in their 2017-2018 year.

A Growing Family

Mayan Hands has welcomed twenty women as artisan partners, and opened a new series of workshops for business skills and artisan techniques. At Mayan Hands “The women quickly learned the art of felting wool and are now fulfilling the first of many orders for felted animals. They are delighted with the prospect of finding a reliable market for their work and earning a regular income.” With your generosity Mayan women are breaking out of poverty and using their cultural skills to weave extraordinary textiles and support their own families. When families are stable children can gain self-confidence and can be nurtured into becoming the best that they can be.

Educational Support

Educational support helps these children to nurture their passions and talents. Mayan Hands brought scholarships for six girls in the sixth grade and 38 girls in high school. They state, “…for the first time ever, six recent high school graduates continued their education at the university level.” They also help adults continue their education by supporting two artisans returning to school to get the education they never received.

Respecting the Culture

Mayan Hands support continues past just providing for these women. They respect the art and work that is put into weaving the beautiful textiles and baskets. In their yearly report they list an event titled “Caring for Mother Earth” as a highlight of the year. Here they facilitated a Mayan spiritual leader’s blessing and return of new pine needle saplings to the Earth. A total of 1,500 trees were planted.

Check out their craftsmanship through beautiful baskets on our site HERE.

photos and update by Mayan Hands

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