Destiny Reflection’s Mission is Clear

Destiny Reflection is a loved partner of Branch Out Market.

Their mission, “To educate, employ and empower vulnerable children and women in Kolkata so they can avoid sexual exploitation” speaks to our mission to aid businesses in impoverished countries.

In Kolkata, India, women are often forced into sex work and face terrible struggles in their quest to escape it. Their founder, Smarita Sengupta began one of Kolkata’s first organizations to fight sex trafficking and support the women exiting the abuse in 2008. Smarita founded Destiny Reflection to offer a range of support services addressing the whole person. Their motto of “one life at a time,” reminds them that every survivor is different and has a different road to empowerment. Currently, they have four different programmes that support law enforcement on sex-trafficking rescues, host social care programs at shelters, provide a safe home for vulnerable women, and running a community center in a high risk area. They remain just as committed as when they started and aim to increase their reach and impact in the community. In addition they saw the need to offer employment, the victims of sex-trafficking needed to learn employable skills and get a chance to build experience. Destiny Reflection started a program creating fashion accessories. The profits from the products go to their programs and benefit women and girls exiting sex-trafficking. The enterprise has grown and expanded to better support their women as well as produce a wider range of products for an international market. Their organizations dedication to providing long-term support allows them to form webs of connections and to empower their women through many means.  They want to open more programmes, grow their fashion accessory business, and continue to support their women and girls.

You can help them in their journey by purchasing a stunning clutch made with repurposed saris, roo bag (shopper) or block print scarf.

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