Double Impact Fundraiser

For years you have been trying to convince someone they need more chocolate, magazines, or wrapping paper in order to support your cause… but why?

Tell a moving story of working together to make a double positive impact. Branch Out Market will help you deliver a more engaging, exciting, and unique fundraiser for your donors and patrons.

While many donors want to feel they are getting something for their donation (thank you or something useful), pushing donors into purchasing something they don’t want creates resentment. Let Branch Out Market help you double your impact with meaningful fundraisers. We help you by partnering with social projects around the globe with quality products. These products make an impact and create sustainable programs (jobs, funding sources, etc) while giving you a unique value proposition for your donors.

Branch Out Market works with our partners to ensure quality, timely delivery, and package your dual stories together for ease of resale and double success.