Holiday Gift Impact at Branch Out Market

Looking to buy some holiday gifts this year?The average American spends over $700 on gifts each holiday season. 55% of South Africa’s population lives in poverty. 12.4% of Chicago’s population lives in poverty. About 172 million people in India live below the poverty line. Buying holiday gifts might be difficult for the millions of people from the locations our partners provide for. By shopping with Branch Out Market this holiday season you can give the gift of purchase to these wonderful artisans all over the globe.
How your gifts change lives:
  • Options Care Clinic – Gift Cards that provide financial security and health care support for women in South Africa
  • Bright Endeavors – Supporting new mothers through job training and services in Chicago, IL ending two generations of poverty at once
  • Kolective – Scholarships and support for children in Benin, West Africa who would otherwise not have an education
  • Mayan Hands – Provides fair trade prices and leadership support for women in Guatemala. In addition the weavers’ daughters have access to scholarships and school supplies.
  • WomenCraft – Gives access to jobs, training, and support through woven baskets. Not only to local Tanzanian women but Burundi refugees in local refugee camps.
  • Hope Art – 2 bracelets feed an orphan for a month in Zambia as well as provide jobs for women in both Zambia and South Africa.
  • Heart for Africa- Ornaments that care for orphans and abandoned babies in Swaziland are not only stunning but a great gift topper!
Here at Branch Out Market we are dedicated to helping these businesses flourish and bring their amazing products to our markets. Our growing amount of partners gives you a great catalogue of products to buy for anyone in your family. With sari clutches, candles, necklaces, or baskets for Mom, leather goods for Dad, and stunning handcrafted cards for your neighbors and friends Branch Out Market has everything you need for the gift giving season. Not only are these products absolutely stunning and durable they also leave a positive impact on the world by providing a gift for someone in your family and someone in the family of our wonderful artisans or charities. The holiday season is all about kindness, unity, and love between all people on Earth. What better way to celebrate this love than with helping someone in need. By shopping at Branch Out Market help others during the wonderful season of giving by choosing products with purpose for all your holiday gifting needs.

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