Don’t get me wrong ─ please keep donating to your charities ─  but let’s think outside the box for a minute on some social problems and common facts and feelings.

Lemonade Stand and Allowance 

If you remember nothing from this blog, remember this: don’t you dare drive by another lemonade stand with the excuse, “I don’t carry cash.” Kids these days don’t either, but they all have Venmo. I went to a lemonade stand the other day that even had a Square reader. 

There is something incredibly valuable about earning a living rather than being given everything you need. Every entrepreneurial kid out there needs to feel that feeling of selling a cup of lemonade! A plan well executed, and in return – a sale! 

How many of us mowed lawns, raked leaves, or watched the neighbors cat? While probably a meager amount, you spent the money you earned ten times more carefully. Perhaps you probably never even spent it because you treasured it too much until it was worth nothing 5 years later due to inflation… but I digress. The fact is, you earned it. Well done! 

Charity might help in the world, but jobs are going to change it. Jobs help parents consistently provide for school fees, regularly feed their children, and provide the role models the next generation needs to follow. 

You have the chance to visit lemonade stands in everything you do. Shop Local, Shop Handmade, Shop Fair Trade… Shop Branch Out Market! Your purchase encourages someone to go back to work and make it again. Encourage your fellow humans, because there is a buyer out there, they have an order, and they have work to be done. Take a few extra minutes the next time you need to get a housewarming gift, a baby shower present, or a birthday treat. 

Choose to support someone who is fighting poverty with a job. 

Purpose Each Day When You Get Up 

What gets you up in the morning? What is your why? We all have one. 

Without a purpose, it is difficult to get up and start the day. Unfortunately, the population of unemployed adults with disabilities is over 80%. It’s possible that this statistic is higher. These people long for the sense of purpose a job could give. Have you ever seen a “will work for food” sign? How many times have we seen people ask for the opportunity to work? It’s natural to long for purpose ─ for meaningful work each day. 

Mothers and fathers all over the world want the opportunity to provide for their children. It’s innately in us to want to provide, earn, and grow. Our drive keeps us going, innovating, and striving for more. By supporting an artisan or entrepreneur you fuel the drive!

Sense of Community 

How many of us walk into work and say hi to a few people along the way to our desk? We have a chance to celebrate our wins with others through birthday lunches or even awkward holiday parties with our co-workers! This sense of community and “work-family” is a special sense of belonging that comes with a job. 

When someone is able to work with an artisan group of fellow makers they have an immediate sense of community and belonging. Jobs do more than provide paychecks, they provide a place to go each day and when you get there, you are not alone. 

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