Meet Nyambe!


The Hope Art project creating employment, jewelry, bags, and other fun accessories not only has a story behind the brand, they have an entire orphanage of stories. We are excited to share updates from our partners in South Africa and Zambia.

Here is a recent update they sent:

July 2, 2018

Meet Nyambe!

Nyambe joined our children’s home in 2013 after her mother passed away. When she joined our homes, Nyambe was severely malnourished, too weak to walk even the two steps up to her new home. She was very withdrawn and showed no interest in playing with others or with any toys. After just a few months, her health and her demeanor drastically changed! She now loves school, and loves to play with the other young girls in the homes, often found skipping rope in front of the homes. Today she is growing into a beautiful young lady. She’s a joy and a reminder of why we do what we do.

So Others May Live,

Hope Art

Reminder, the income from 2 bracelets feed an orphan for a month. Sport some new bling for an opportunity to share with others how your fashion saves lives.

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