Nothing can change your value

I am always so interested in the motivation behind someone’s story. I have just gotten to know Krista and think you will love her instantly as well. After winning a photography trip to Uganda her life changed forever.


A note from Krista:

“Agnes, me and Lucy (pictured here), our circumstances may look vastly different. Two former child soldiers, abducted as children and forced into war. Freedom stolen from them, sickness and abuse given in its place. Lack of education. And myself – a steady home and family as a child, enjoying freedom all my life and obtaining a full education right through to my degree. But we are not defined by our circumstances. We are sisters. Friends. Equals.

Years ago on a trip to Uganda a wise woman shared this story with me. Imagine two ten dollar bills. One is crisp and new from the mint. One has been trampled on, dropped in the mud, ripped, and crumpled. Then she turned to me and asked “which one is worth more?” They are both Worth the same amount, just one has had terrible things done to it. This does not affect its value though. Likewise, these women have had terrible things done to them – but it does not affect their value.

I’m honoured to know Lucy and Agnes and to partner with them. And all of our artisan partners in both Kenya and Uganda. I’ll continue to strive to treat them with value, respect and dignity in all our work and communications. And to work with them and for them.”

– Krista Jefferson,


Just One


Africa has a way of showing you the harsh realities of the world and at the same time the immense beauty. Humbling, stunning, and yet uplifting all wrapped up into one. Simple and so complex at the same time. Difficult but freeing. When you have the opportunity to travel – do it! Go with a mission group, volunteer, or just go on safari and soak in the natural beauty. I dare you not to leave transformed. Maybe like Krista you will return a deeper more fuller version of yourself, connected with new friends, your chosen family, around the world.

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