Lives Changed: One Card at a Time

A lot of our partners use handmade items or crafts to connect with the population they serve. This is not only a practical way to build skills from the ground up, but also working with your hands has a therapeutic element to it. Being creative and bringing something else to life can also save a life. If you’re a gardener, painter, or even baker you know the feeling well.

There are women in George, South Africa who gather weekly to create beautiful hand-made cards out of pressed flowers. No two cards are the same. Each woman pours her heart into the designs and the income she receives also supports her family. We love this idea!

Here is an update from Options when we last checked in on the card making process:

Dear Branch Out,

We have seen some significant changes in the lives of the women involved. One life is that of Pumla has managed to build onto her one room house.

Kulakazi is in the process of building a small house in the yard behind her father’s house. She is also providing for her daughter who is studying in Cape Town.

Katy was Blessed with and RDP house (our Government builds two-bedroom houses with an open plan lounge and kitchen and a bathroom). However, only the outside of the house gets painted and the floors are left with just the concrete slab. She has managed to buy and lay tiles throughout her house, paint the inside of her house and purchase appliances which include a stove and a fridge. I must just say that she has also grown the most beautiful garden and is only two of many houses in the areas that has grown a beautiful green lawn on her side walk 🙂 She has a nine-year-old daughter whom she adores and looks after very well 🙂

In Christ,

Options Care Centre

We love that these cards all include who made them. Who‘s card will you get?

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