Start Selling on Branch Out Market

become a partner

Join Branch Out Market as a partner and immediately have access to the following:

Professional E-Commerce Website ($3,000 value)

  • Partner Page to market your cause, share videos, and post your products
  • SEO and Google Analytics – product breakdown and customer demographics ($600/monthly value)
  • Product photography ($100+ value)
  • Credit card processing systems
  • Sales tracking

Business licenses, permits and necessary insurance covered through Branch Out Market LLC

Advertisements and Listings

  • Google business listings get higher traffic to site as a whole
  • National sponsorships and memberships to conscious capitalism

Sales Tax collection and payment

Professional packaging and quick order fulfillment

  • Including safe and organized product storage

Customer Service

  • Including customer feedback and product development

Access to our wider network of buyers

  • E-commerce shop – we promote your onboarding and continued success through all our social channels
  • Wholesale buyers – if applicable

Participation in our in-person markets and trade shows (at no additional cost)

  • Your product featured for thousands of people to see and buy in person
  • Great customer and product feedback opportunities

focus on your mission

Let us help you with your sales

But we area nonprofit, can we sell online?

1. Another way for your donors to support you – holidays, birthdays, and special events
2. Your product is a reminder in their home or office of your nonprofit ministry or program
3. Your program (creating the item) can now be sustainable or better yet – profitable!
4. Your donors can buy your product at any time (24/7) rather than waiting for the next booth or in person event.
5. You don’t need to hire another marketing person or increase your online advertisement budget!
6. You can meet new supporters on our website with a database of conscious consumers and givers.
7. We will share your successes far and wide – promoting you and your nonprofit!

three ways to partner

1. Fulfillment Service

Branch Out Market will list your products online, help with photos, descriptions, and pricing.
Branch Out Market will hold a percentage of your inventory in our secure storage and as orders come in, we will pack and ship to the customer. Your items get combined with other products for a colorful and impactful delivery!
Branch Out Market pays you for the product once it has shipped!

2. Drop Shipping

Branch Out Market will list online but as orders come in YOU will pack and ship to the customer.
This works with perishable made-to-order or customized items as well as a (US) based training programs which use the order process as a part of their mission. It is also great in that neither party produces high volumes up front; rather respond to the market.
Branch Out Market pays you for the produce as soon as we receive the payment through the website.

3. Inventory and Distribution

Branch Out Market will purchase prior to listing on our site. If selling in wholesale on to other buyers, we will place larger order from you once we have secured a buyer. This doesn’t make sense for every partner and is reversed primarily for importing international products.
Payment happens in advance for inventory.