Bali Street Kids Project

To give loving support, education, care, and skills for disadvantaged children so that they have the opportunity of a satisfying and productive life.

the story

Children “should” have the opportunity to  be a kid, go to school, and grow up without worrying about their next meal or begging on the street. Unfortunately that is not the case for so many children. Bali Street Kids – YKPA serves the most vulnerable of children in Denpasar Bali – Indonesia. YKPA outreach includes housing, feeding, educating, providing medical support, and even FUN to children who have no support.

Branch Out Market has partnered with this amazing organization to spread their outreach and share their mission. Please like them on Facebook and scroll down to see their handmade dolls. All dolls are made by women in their village and brought to the US by volunteers. The proceeds goes towards feeding, housing, educating, and providing medical support to children through the Bali Street Kids project.

Orphanage, Home, & Shelter

At first, YKPA was a shelter for street kids seeking relief from the streets, or some food and medicine. This slowly turned into street-kids starting to live at the center with make-shift beds, rice for food, and a small all-ages classroom. Little bit little more children arrived, some without parents, some with one, or two who didn’t care for them. Then children with disabilities, abandoned children, and sick or in need of expensive medical and surgical care. Today about 45 children live at YKPA full time. Others come for the day but must return to the streets at night.
In addition to the school and home, the children have fun classes at YKPA, including dance, computer, English, art, and more. The dance class has become a hip-hop ‘dance troop’ and they have won competitions around the Denpasar area!

Street Kids School Project

Street kids in Kuta Bali wanted “SCHOOL”! So YKPA started a class Saturday afternoon class where the kids felt ‘safe’… on the beach. Many kids showed up for months before the class was forced to move. Over years, the classes moved many times. Successive ages of kids met in a rented shop near the Kuta slums.
These children consistently ask for this informal schooling because their lives are too chaotic for normal schooling. To date, several girls have successfully passed the government elementary equivalency testing….a massive accomplishment for a child who are still begging on the street.

Medical & Surgery Assistance

There are children living mostly in remote like areas of Bali and nearby islands who have disabling or serious conditions for which care is available in Bali. Typically the parents are unaware of the care, or fear the cost or seemingly insurmountable difficulties of getting it.
YKPA staff find such children through outreach projects, or through collaboration with other NGO’s. A parent and the child are invited to be taken to YKPA in Denpasar, provided accommodations, meals, and transportation for the medical and/or surgical care needed.

Village Outreach – Bali Street Kids goes out into the villages and communities that the children are from to provide emergency relief, assistance, and a safe place for kids to gather. Being a part of the community is just as important as having a home for orphaned children to live. When tragedy strikes, Bali Street Kids Project – volunteers and staff – are ready to respond and know just where to go.

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