Blessed Hope Nepal

Beautiful, handmade jewelry, designed and crocheted bead by bead by women artisans in the Himalayas

the story

Blessed Hope Nepal (BHN) was established in 2013. BHN is owned by three ethnic Tibetan women from the mountains of Eastern Nepal. They are the first and only business owned and operated by women among their group of people. Despite being uneducated and with the help of many friends, they have successfully grown their business.

the vision

Their purpose and motivation are to provide good, wholesome, creative work, skills development training and true hope to the women of the Himalayas. Over the years the jewelry range has widened, and more women have learned new skills. They all enjoy the community of working together and the challenge of coming up with new designs together. They seek to enhance and enrich the lives of the artisans that they work with, who live in villages throughout the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

the artisans

The all-female founders taught themselves and other artisans the beautiful and intricate art of bead crochet and this skill has been the foundation of the business. They continue to teach and train all their artisans from varying backgrounds. Many of the women artisans do not have the education needed to find good jobs in Nepal and they are incredibly thankful for the work they have at Blessed Hope Nepal. Their ages range from 18-50, single as well as married, children as well as not. Most of the women have never been to school, a few have attended grade school, a handful have graduated from high school, and a few are working to put themselves through college. The energy that is required to do daily household chores takes exponentially more time in Nepal and it is because of these unique needs of the women artisans that the business is structured so that they are able to make their jewelry at home throughout the week.

The sisterhood necklaces are inspired by each artisan and her beautiful culture.

They are each named after one of the artisans and use bead colors and stones such as turquoise, amber and coral, that are common to Himalayan people. They are a beautiful combination of Western and Himalayan styles into these beautiful necklaces.

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