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Bright Endeavors is an innovative social enterprise that transforms the lives of young moms by teaching them to craft premium soy candles in a supportive, professional environment. Through a paid job training program, Bright Endeavors provides the guidance and job skills young moms need to secure quality employment and begin working toward professional success.

Bright Endeavors is a program of New Moms. At New Moms, 100% of the young moms who access our services live in poverty. 63% come from homes where their mothers were teen parents. They are caught in a generational cycle of poverty. New Moms exists to interrupt the cycle of poverty and create strong families. Their mission is to share the love of God by surrounding young moms and their children with everything they need to transform their lives.

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For over 30 years, New Moms has interrupted the cycle of poverty for two generations by offering supports to young moms in the most important areas of the life of a family.

New moms provides stable housing, allowing youth to build the life skills needed to maintain safe housing; job training, providing hands-on experience, links youth to permanent jobs, and guides towards economic independence; and family support, equipping young moms with skills they need to be great moms. These tools empower young moms to transform their stories from ones of hopelessness to lives filled with stability, health, and vision for a strong future.

the impact

Since 2010, Bright Endeavors has provided job training to over 600 young mothers in Chicago, IL. Every candle at Bright Endeavors is about creating powerful moments. These moments awaken a young mom’s self-worth, dreams, potential, and goals. Every day is an opportunity to develop confidence creating a premium candle, feel the satisfaction after a hard day’s work, and know the joy of working as a team to accomplish a goal. Bright Endeavor’s is constantly striving for the moment when a young mom realizes that she has the power to write her own story and open doors for her child. And no one can stop her.

Throughout each young mother’s time in our program, Bright Endeavors celebrates her moments of triumph – the moment she deposits her first paycheck; passes her GED; earns a job offer; gains acceptance into college; secures quality childcare; and provides a safe home for her children. At Bright Endeavors, our purpose is to help create these moments.

By investing in young moms with Bright Endeavors, you can touch the lives of two generations at once: the emerging life of a young mom and the unwritten story of her child. Light a candle and transform a life with us to make these moments possible.

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