Destiny Reflection

Our mission is simple: “To educate, employ and empower vulnerable children and women in Kolkata so they can avoid sexual exploitation”

the story

Survivors of sex trafficking have many challenges including the living conditions in brothel’s, lack of education, mental health issues, and more. Reflection is a social enterprise designed to combat the harsh conditions and sometimes uphill battles for survivors. Reflection was created to employ survivors to manufacture fashion accessories. The Foundation utilizes the profits from the social enterprise to support their non-profit projects focused on empowering girls and women.

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the people

Destiny’s charitable and employment programs connect with each other to provide a support structure that can span many years of her life. Women who work in brothels in Kolkata live in an illegal world of slavery and violence. Psychologically, it becomes very difficult for women to even consider a life outside the trade.
Without the self-realisation of the possibilities of life outside a brothel, the problem becomes a generational issue which traps families and extends the problem. The challenge therefore is to intercept this cycle of abuse.
Destiny Reflection employs rescued victims of sex trafficking. These survivors need housing, education, community, and mental health support. In order to ensure they do not re-enter the sex-trade for lack of options Destiny Reflection hires and trains them in sewing. This much needed program ensures they have viable opportunities to live outside the sex-tracking world.

the impact

The support does not end with employment. Destiny Reflection founders understand the survivors (now employees) need deep and long-term support. Simply providing counselling and employment programs is not enough. They also provide long-term support from childhood through to adulthood across various projects including apartment and safe housing, an active community center, social care programs, and support of law enforcement.

Destiny is a Family

Destiny is a family. Many of the girls and women in our care have been connected with us for many years and involved in many projects. Some of those who are supported by Destiny first came to know us as children at a shelter home and are now employed by Reflection designing and manufacturing our products.

We believe that empowering women with employment, skills and education is a powerful way to help prevent them from being exploited.

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