Made by DWC

We believe homelessness is not inevitable, but that it’s a societal problem that bears especially hard on women.

Made By DWC

Made by DWC is a social enterprise operated by the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) to provide job training and transitional employment in product and retail environments for women transitioning out of homelessness. By purchasing from MADE by DWC’s signature line of products, you directly contribute to ending women’s homelessness in Los Angeles. The signature line of gifts is made by formerly homeless women, and 100% of the proceeds support DWC’s programs and services.

the origins

Downtown Women’s Center is built on a friendship that grew between a homeless woman named Rosa and a former Peace Corps volunteer named Jill Halverson. This friendship inspired Jill to open DWC and establish a community through which the lives of women like Rosa could be restored. Jill founded the Downtown Women’s Center as a space for women to safely access the specific services they needed to regain personal stability and to build community with one another. In the 40 years since Jill’s extraordinary act of compassion, DWC has reached thousands of women and transformed countless lives.

the impact

Made by DWC provides needed jobs, training, and support for women exiting the cycle of homelessness. They learn valuable skills and have a chance to work in a professional (safe) environment.
Made by DWC provides a safe space with counselors and job training. The women are welcomed and supported through the year long program. Each woman’s journey is different and yet they all find community together. Through your purchase you become a part of this community, advocating for and championing the success of these women. Thank you for being a part of the solution with Made by DWC, helping to provide the specialized care women need.

Realizing A Dream

“I’d always wanted to be artistic. No one ever knew that dream I had until I came to DWC and it was realized. Women can take a step forward in their lives here. ”

– Pamela, Workforce Development Program participant

The First Founded in 1978…

Permanent supportive housing provider for women in the U.S.
Health clinic exclusively for women in Skid Row (and the only one today)
Critical Time Intervention provider on the West Coast
Drop-in Day Center exclusively for homeless women in the city of Los Angeles (and the only one today)
Organization to ask women experiencing homelessness what they really needed and set about meeting that need

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