Gogo Olive

Hope and Joy through knitting in Zimbabwe

the story

Gogo Olive is a social enterprise devoted to helping families from Zimbabwe sell their beautiful knitted crafts in other regions of the world. Founded in 2007, Gogo Olive is devoted to helping their knitters provide their families and live with a steady income. These knitters come from all walks of life, from being female prison inmates to grandma living in the rural regions of Zimbabwe. Entering the Gogo Olive family means the knitter also has access to Bible Study, workshops, lessons in budgeting, finance, and basic business skills. She joins a supportive family where they can knit and have a good time. Branch Out Market is happy we can be apart of the Gogo Olive experience and bring you their adorable creations, spreading joy, and helping Gogo Olive care for the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs of their community. 

the people

The knitting group supports 60 women and their families. They gather to knit and assemble their beautiful creations to share with the world. The women come from all walks of life but are united by the passion they have for craft and the love for their families. For some this is their only employment or chance to support themselves. The group has been operational for over 10 years with a few of the same women who joined at the beginning.

the impact

The knitters have had significant change in their lives through Gogo Olive. Through the program they learn business skills, reap the benefits of stable financial income, and create a community of support with other women. Gogo Olive is part of a full person approach to serving their knitters through faith, employment, and empowerment through education.

Knitting Provides Income

Having six members at their start in 2008, Gogo Olive has grown to 60.

Creating Links
“We want to create links between the producer (our Gogo knitters) and the consumer (you) as we believe we can learn a lot from each other. We do this by adding the name and photo of the lady who knitted it to each of our products and by having a section of our website dedicated to telling the stories of each of our individual ladies and giving you the opportunity to send a message to your knitter.” – Julie, Founder

Sense of Purpose!

Gogo Olive recognizes the sense of value and purpose that having employment brings, as well as the obvious financial benefits.  Being a part of Gogo Olive gives these ladies the opportunity to provide for herself and her family. It is also equally important that she is able to experience the security and independence that comes with purpose, community, and financial stability.

the products

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