Just One is an organization that follows fair trade practices to offer world changing fashion. Each purchase directly supports people around the globe struggling with poverty and brings awareness to their needs.This is world changing fashion.

the origins

After a life-changing trip to Uganda, Krista found herself and others around the world tied up into a shared destiny. JustOne started with just one trip, one person, one story, and one piece at a time. Today artisans around the world share their exceptional talent and we have the opportunity to learn what it feels like to make a difference one purchase, one person, one life at a time.

the artisans

JustOne works with artisans in Kenya and Uganda. The designs are collaborative and inspired by both local color and materials as well as modern trends. This is a perfect collaboration in which everyone is learning from each other to make the world a better place. JustOne is committed to their artisans, visits them every year, and feels that they have become a family in the process.
Each piece includes a story of a Just One artisan.

the ripple effect

JustOne is more than just one….. it’s all of us together. It’s you and me. On our own the task to change lives is overwhelming – but when we all do our part the task becomes more manageable. Lives are changed.
By purchasing jewelry from JustOne you are making a statement not just in your fashion choices – but in how you live. A statement that you are offering a hand up to brothers and sisters across the globe to a better life.
By telling others about JustOne when they compliment you (and they will!) you are giving others the opportunity to join in the story of world change.
Together we can make a difference!

Agnes, me and Lucy. Our circumstances may look vastly different. Two former child soldiers, abducted as children and forced into war. Freedom stolen from them, sickness and abuse given in its place. Lack of education. And myself – a steady home and family as a child, enjoying freedom all my life and obtaining a full education right through to my degree. But we are not defined by our circumstances. We are sisters. Friends. Equals.

JustOne is proud to…
Offer hope. Through the purchase of Just One items, you are supporting someone who is struggling to survive. By offering a hand up – not a hand out – you are contributing to their needs while allowing them to maintain their dignity

Raise awareness. We love to tell stories – and will share the stories of the artisans who have crafted your purchase and the stories of need and how your purchase is making an impact.

Create advocates. Because your item is handcrafted – there is just one exactly like it. You will get compliments and questions about it – and by sharing the stories you’ve learned through Just One, you are also being an advocate for these people.

Do you have a story to tell?

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