Kolective is a beautiful way to support education and healthcare for girls in Benin, West Africa.

the story

Kolective is a scholarship fund supporting  women’s empowerment which successfully began in January 2016. Lead designer and former Peace-Corps Volunteer, Andrea has designed and trained local seamstresses personally during her 3 years tenure in Benin, West Africa. A small project to help a few seamstresses has risen to became a purpose and calling. Today local women entrepeneurs source and create varied products exclusively for Kolective. The proceeds from the sales to Branch Out Market support scholarship funds to help impoverished students in Benin achieve simple educational goals. The bright and colorful products are a beautiful example of these empowered women and  a reflection of the beautiful women who have emerged from behind the scenes.

the people

Kolective scholarships are granted to vulnerable children who do not have access to education otherwise. Support Kolective receives will allow for more scholarships and create sustainable future for the program. Using local partners on the ground in Benin and Branch Out Market for distribution Kolective hopes to reach more local children with education and healthcare.

the impact

Your purchase of Kolective products helps build the long-term sustainability of the scholarship program. Each purchase also provides valuable employment opportunities to Beninese seamstresses who are then able to provide for their families.

From Benin to You – Creating Positive Change Through Handmade Goods

By supporting Kolective you are directly impacting the education of a young girl in Benin, West Africa. Here girls are not given the same access to education as most. Some children are also married off very young and never receive an education. Kolective is about changing that. You can join Kolective by offering your support and sharing their cause through the purchase of these handmade items.

Where is Benin?

Benin is nestled between Togo and Nigeria along the upper west coast of Africa

Adiza’s Story


Adiza is in elementary school and was a victim of forced marriage. Kolective’s Director, Andrea, met her in 2016 and by working with the local police and social services center, she was able to get her out of this arranged marriage. Adiza is now living at the Catholic Mission in the center of town and is going to start 5th grade this coming school year. Adiza’s education will be funded until she finishes with her studies. Funding pays for the lodging expenses at the Catholic Mission, tuition at the Catholic Elementary School, food, school supplies, and personal needs.

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