YFC: Options Care Centre

Providing Options of love, support, awareness, education, resources, empowerment, and economic opportunities.

the story

Options Care Centre is located along the garden route of South Africa, a beautiful landscape with a more desperate situation surrounding it. The center serves many functions but mostly as a light to those that visit. The center offers an array of services and support in HIV testing and counseling, safe pregnancies, health, and promoting life. The counselors also noticed a need to provide economic opportunities so began teaching card and jewelry making skills. These support groups serve as an opportunity to gather, be fed, access clinic resources, and provide continuous support.

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the people

The cardmaking group supports 14 women. They gather regularly to make handmade cards out of pressed flowers. The women assemble together around a long table working in community. The women are trained in the designs but adds her own touch, each card is signed by the lady who created it. The women come from different townships or informal settlements surrounding the center. For some this is their only employment or chance to support their families. The group has been going for over 15 years with a few of the same women who joined at the beginning.

the impact

The women have seen a significant change in their lives due to having a sense of purpose and employment. One life is that of Pumla has managed to build onto her one room house. Kulakazi is providing for her daughter who is studying in Cape Town. Katy is finishing her house made by the government while providing for her 9-year-old daughter, her garden is like the cards, full of flowers and hope. Around the table each woman tells a similar story of how the group and the cards, one by one, have changed their lives and provided for their families.

Cards Create Community

They gather together around a community table at the center, each one working to individually change her situation, but collectively sharing in the process.

“They are a happy bunch and more than one has said that they are proud to be getting an income from their creativity!”

Works of Art!

Each card is a handmade work of art. The exquisite details and delicate placement of every petal is more than suitable for framing or a perfect addition to any gift. Frame 1 or 3. The houses make a great house-warming present or the giraffes for a nursery!

Available for wholesale.

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