Orange Tree Project

Connecting nonprofits with leading design agencies to help them advance their missions and achieve greatest community impact

the origins

Orange Tree Project was born out of a belief that people achieve their highest satisfaction when they apply their talents toward the common good. Orange Tree Project sets out to use creative talents along with a win-win model to help not one, but many nonprofits succeed.

the people

Orange Tree Project is an association of talented designers who use their power for good. They sit down with nonprofits to understand their heart, mission, and value-add to the world and then magically turn that into a compelling visual story. This is one of the most impactful ways we have ever seen people come together to use time, talent, and treasure to make the biggest impact.

the impact

How many times have you met a great nonprofit who is boots on the ground making a tremendous impact? Then you ask them for a presentation, their website, or anything to share their cause… yikes. Their expertise and passion lies in their ability to care and serve their nonprofit’s demographic, web design? Another story. Orange Tree Project sees the value in the nonprofit’s work and puts that to paper (or screen). Re-branding projects can take months and cost more than the nonprofit’s budget may have to offer. Working together they come up with a win-win to help each nonprofit represent their work with their best-foot-forward!.


“The biggest winners, however, are the communities of people that our nonprofits serve: those without clean water, access to vital resources, or a place to turn for help.
While strategic design can definitely help a nonprofit succeed, design matters most when it makes the world a better place. And that’s what matters most to us too.”

– Orange Tree Project Designers

Design agencies want to help…

Design agencies have a history of working with nonprofit clients. They understand that nonprofits typically don’t have large budgets for branding and design work. It’s become commonplace for nonprofits to request free design work, or to ask multiple friends or associates to do pro bono work, often in a piecemeal style (i.e., one logo here, a website there, and so on). The results can be positive, but they can also result in what we often refer to as “pro bono blues,” damaging the brand value of the nonprofit.

…and nonprofits needs the help!

Professional design can do a lot to help an organization succeed. It can elevate a nonprofit’s brand image, increase awareness of its mission, and broaden its reach. Orange Tree Project ensures each project’s success by thoughtfully evaluating which nonprofits they work with and pairing them with the best design professionals to meet their needs.

Symbiotic Relationships

The designs and prints are all about our win-win model or symbiotic relationships. Inspired by nature, quotes that move us, and finding ways in which design can make the world a more beautiful place! All proceeds go towards Orange Tree Project to give nonprofits design makeovers.

the products

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