Streetwires Artists Collective is a social enterprise on a mission to create beautiful art in the world. And through this, to sustain incomes for awesomely talented craft-artists in the field of wire and bead art.

the story

What started with a chance encounter between a wire-artist and an entrepreneur that led to a small operation in a garage with less than a handful of artists has grown into a bustling operation with over 30 artists employed full-time! Streetwires was inspired by the original artist (one of the original co-founders), who had to wear many hats, and solve so many problems to make a living on his own as an independent artist. Many wire-artists work in isolation in an unregulated industry and really struggle to make things work. They have to contend with other artists copying their work, unreliable sources of raw materials, haggling of customers – while still trying to design, make and sell their work.

the solution

Streetwires was created in 2000. As a group of artists they have created an impressive catalogue of the finest, most original wire and bead art available in South Africa. A passionate focus on design along with attention to detail has led to a range unsurpassed in scope and quality. The artists work together to design, create, and inspire some of the most beautiful beads in South Africa. Many hands collaborate to design and produce the final products with imaginative finishes and designs. From the superb wire and bead trophy heads to wire and bead accessories and home ware, Streetwires offers the finest of South African craft.

the impact

Employment. For artists, Streetwires, creates employment. They collectively share a safe environment to work and gather each day. A team is able to receive orders and handle customer interaction while they focus on the craft and sharing the work-load. As a team, they ensure new members are mentored and trained where possible, in addition they can sit and be creative. They don’t need to worry about selling the pieces, or sourcing and paying for the raw materials, they are given the chance to truly be artists and work as a team.

People – Passion – Pride

South African bead and wire artists supported by a team of dedicated individuals focused on the artists’ ability to create, inspire, and transform.

Streetwires empowers the artisan and recognizes their talent. By supporting Streetwires you are enabling them to work another day, as an artist, with dignity, respect, and an access to market.

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