Leather Double Wrap Bracelet with Stud


These light weight yet durable double wrap bracelets will go on your wrist and likely not come off. These are flying off the shelves in South Africa and now available to shoppers in the US. Their design is classic and appeals to both women or men. They come in three beautiful colors, black, brown, and chestnut. Enjoy or give as a gift, they are sure to delight as well as create jobs for hard working leather artisans in South Africa.

weight: 0.5 oz

size: varies, 2.5-3″ diameter, please leave a note in purchase comments to preference, small or wide opening.

Made by hand in South Africa by Afreek Leather Designs and Crafters.


Additional information

Weight .03333 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

Brown, Black, Chestnut


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