Leather Bow-Tie


These creative and one-of-a-kind leather bow-ties can be used to elevate a ordinary look to a fashion statement. No tieing required, they are also easy to clean, durable, and fun. Dress up your man or buy one for yourself! These bows will be sure to stand out in a crowd.


Made by hand by Afreek leather designers and crafters in South Africa.  As they are made with quality leather expect that it will age with time but look more stunning on day 1,000 as it does on day 1.


Flat and Textured styles.

6” bows all slightly their own, additional adjustments can be made with snaps. Due to handmade nature they all vary just a little.


Additional information

Weight .066 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 2 in

Brown, White with Brown Tie, Solid White, Solid Black, Textured Brown, Chestnut, Chestnut with Brown tie, Textured Chestnut, Light Brown, Dark Brown


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