Whitebark Pine Candle


Each candle is handmade with the name of the young lady who poured. These whitebark pine candles are the best part of the holidays, the smell without the calories! The fresh pine smell can be savored all year (pace yourself with 30 hours per tin). The candle aroma will bring the great-outdoors to you or take you down memory lane of holidays when we still had real trees. Regardless of the season the smell will clean up the air full of sports smells and sweaty laundry. Keep a couple of these as back-ups for Christmas in July through … well the next Christmas in July!

All proceeds go to employment training and the New Moms Organization in Chicago, IL helping young moms learn how to be mothers, assisting with housing, and employment readiness. New Moms is not only creating employment but disrupting the cycle and empowering young women.

They make great gifts but you are going to want one for yourself too!

8 oz. Retreat Tin, Burn Time-30 Hours

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

8 oz Tin, 11 oz Glass Jar


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