Our very first roadside-taxi-baby delivery!

Branch Out Market has a direct relationship with Living Soul Foundation. As proud supporters and campions of their mission we also get news of their day-to-day adventures. Here is a recent update we are excited to share with you!


Hello from Living Soul Foundation,

Here is a story about Pearl (name changed for privacy). Pearl is 16 and another victim of violence. Coming to us two months ago, she…well, I will just let her tell you in her own words:

“I’m living with my parents and the man who got me pregnant is too old and he raped me on my way back home from school. I tried so many times to abort it (the baby) but I didn’t succeed.

My parents have been calling me negligent person. I have become very discouraged, confused, and I’m losing hope to live anymore and I don’t know my tomorrow and what will happen to me. Sometimes I feel like killing myself so that I can avoid the accusations from my family, neighbors, and teachers.

I feel bad when they accuse me. I feel sad when I see my classmates pass near my house going to school because they say harsh words to me, abuse me, and see me as if I’m not needed in the community. And they call me names which makes me feel very bad.”

Yes, I cried too when I heard this.

By God’s great grace this story has a happy ending because Pearl went into labor at our center so we jumped in a taxi to go to the hospital and she had her baby on the way! Right there in the back seat of the taxi a precious 6 ½ lbs baby girl named Neema came into this world. In this whirlwind of excitement our new mother Pearl took only another moment to name her precious girl Neema, which means “The Grace of God” in Swahili.

Standing there looking into Neema’s tiny little face and deep into her eyes, realizing … yup, this is what it is all about. I love the feeling God gives us when we are exactly where we are supposed to be. For Living Soul Foundation it is giving life, love, hope and restoration!

With Love,

Living Soul Foundation


The amazing team at Living Soul Foundation welcome young girls into their arms. Both Pearl and Neema have their own chance at life, love, hope, and restoration. LSF also does outreach into the community teaching curriculums in schools on respect and kindness. This work as well as the counseling and support inside their organization is life-saving and life-changing. Please support them by checking out their online shop and staying involved in their success by subscribing to our newsletter for more updates.

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