Recently I sat down with a dear friend and his podcast audience!


It is a lot harder than it sounds to “do a podcast”. You only have a few minutes to share what you are there to talk about and no one can see you nodding your head or smiling – so it is kind of awkward!


RJ Kelly, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Wealth Legacy Group, is a renowned financial planner, strategist, Christian, and philanthropist in San Diego. His impact on the world is truly spectacular. I loved that we had a moment to pray before we began, “Dear Lord help me say the right things,” this was so true! I’m entirely grateful for the opportunity to share but often find myself getting nervous talking about Branch Out Market and myself. I couldn’t have done it with RJ’s platform, encouragement, and help along the way!


So how do you think we did? Listen here to the full interview:


My goal is to share Branch Out Market with a wider audience. The goal of sharing is to highlight our partners and the truly amazing work they do working in rural to urban areas addressing some of the hardest social challenges and problems from the bottom up!


If we can successfully meet our partners where they are, assist their efforts, elevate them, and share their success then we have accomplished our mission. Will you help? Share, like, follow us for more stories to come on our partners (and their products) are making the world a better place.



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