Ways to Stay Organized at Home…


Catch All Organizer with Infinite Uses

Are you itching for new ways to stay organized and add something fresh to your home? With everyone spending a lot more time at home we thought we would encourage you to add a pop of color and pizazz to your home or apartment. There are so many uses and ways to repurpose what might look simple – but super helpful – handmade organizers!

First up, our favorite! These handy totes are great for dressing up your tissue box holding a plant, and even a make up or small things catch all. Currently in Pink or Floral… but also around the holidays in Christmas themes! You will love these totes no matter what the use and where you go! Are you traveling (hopefully again)? fold it up and when you get to your location stay organized with hotel keys, cell phone, and other accessories! From your desk to your bathroom to your patio, these are great!

Benefitting: Hope Art, supporting women with jobs in South Africa while also benefitting and children at The Zambia Project, orphanage and community development in Zambia.

Spice Up Your Taco Night!

I was attempting to take a picture of these bad boys in action … but I kept eating the tortillas! So here you go… insert imaginary tortillas. These handmade pine baskets come equipped with their own lids making them a solid tortilla receptacle. Note: Corn Tortilla size 🙂 Gluten free and family friendly these baskets are not edible but keep your edibles perfectly warm. We recommend using a paper towels to keep the basket clean as well… but I’m sure that’s obvious 😉 If you are carb free we recommend putting anything else in it. It has a lid – so cool!

Benefitting: Mayan Hands, women’s fair trade organization weaving baskets in Guatemala and supporting daughters with scholarships and education.

tortilla basket


Pine Needle Mini Basket

How’s that home office desk looking? I’m sure you need one of these for those paper clips you borrowed from the office and now have in a stack or ziplock. If you aren’t working but just think it’s adorable that works too. The world’s smallest Easter basket but best if it comes with something sparkly! 😉

Benefitting: Mayan Hands, women’s fair trade organization weaving baskets in Guatemala and supporting daughters with scholarships and education. mini basket

(shown with paper clips)

Freshen Up that Clorox/Lysol Smell

Have you been participating in the raid on cleaning products? Chances are yes, great, use them, but your house doesn’t need to constantly smell like a bleach factory. Open up the window and light a candle! Here are some stylish candles that you and your roommates can enjoy.

Benefitting: Women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, going through a job training and housing program. All orders ship from LA directly.

Available in two scents/colors:

  • Sacrameadow: Moss, Fern, Lilac
  • Half Moon Bae: Cardamom, Clove, Vanilla


Enjoy browsing our handmade market!

Every product has a purpose and every purchase makes a difference!

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