Mayan Hands – Weaving culture and leadership for a better future

One of our amazing partners, Mayan Hands, is dedicated to empowering women and helping them to bring their families out of poverty while still remaining true to their culture. In Guatemalan society, Mayan women are on the bottom of the economic chain, remaining the poorest group in the area. With no access to education or jobs they have no solutions. Mayan Hands gives them hope. Mayan Hands works with more than 200 women in the Guatemalan Highlands, with women spanning over 13 communities. Their program has provided women with access to fair trade and the ability to control their income for 25 years has allowed these women to gain confidence, resist domestic abuse/oppression, and provide their children with education.

With your support they can offer these women artisans fair wages for their work opposed to the previous system of underselling. They are also able to provide training opportunities for these women to further the amount of opportunities they can find for themselves. Mayan Hands is a leader in Fair Trade with their artisans. They provide all the materials up front in addition to support in training, how to prevent injury, and time management for  getting work done to meet their collective orders. Mayan Hands also provides leadership opportunities through lessons in business management and a rotating schedule of taking on more responsibilities of each weaving group. They hold workshops in herbal medicine and gender role awareness, and more which benefit the women for the rest of their lives. Mayan Hands not only helps the artisans, but also their children by providing scholarships to their artisan’s daughters and school supplies for all the children. Mayan Hands encourages their artisans to use their cultural aspect of weaving to improve their livelihoods and to make a fair income. With your purchase of these beautiful products you are directly benefiting women who want to share their culture with the world!

pictured: Maria Eugenia using backstop for weaving, courteously of Mayan Hands

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