What is a social enterprise? What is Conscious Capitalism?

The field of business is often stereotyped as money hungry and cut throat, powerful people only thinking about their next payday or bottom line profit at all expense. While this may be the case for some businesses Branch Out market strives to follow the Conscious Capitalism mindset. As a social enterprise, Conscious Capitalism provides a way to frame Branch Out and provide context to our mission. Conscious Capitalism is a global movement and a way to think about business as designed to serve a higher purpose. Based on the four principles of higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture, conscious Capitalists believe that free enterprise will allow for powerful social cooperation and human progress.

Higher Purpose

Making money is a key factor in the stability and ability of a business to grow.  Conscious capitalists state, “…it is not the only or even the most important reason a business exists…” ¹ The first pillar of Conscious Capitalism is all about deciding what your business should be for you. What the meaning behind it is? Conscious businesses aim to help others, not just money. Our higher purpose at Branch Out Market is to help artisans and nonprofits get their products to the wider market, sharing their product as much as their story. Branch Out Market is about creating jobs, supporting nonprofit missions with a revenue stream, and spreading awareness. We partner with nonprofits and artisans working at a grassroots level. We believe helping others is the ultimate calling for us as human beings.

Stakeholder Orientation

The second principle of Conscious Capitalism is the theory on how businesses should interact. Conscious businesses focus on helping all stakeholders and to build a strong community of people who are supporting the purpose of the business. Businesses should recognize that they need the support of their customers, employees, suppliers, and communities to really reach their higher purpose. This is why Branch Out Market is incredible grateful for all the support we get from the community, customers, and our suppliers who have faith that we can get their products to market. In a moment of gratitude – Thank You!

Conscious Leadership

Conscious leadership is simple. It’s the idea that the business should focus on the community rather than the individual. Conscious Leaders aim to bring out the best in those around them. Here at Branch Out Market we aim to help the community whenever we can. We work in local farmers markets, via distributors, retail partners, and craft-fairs in order to get our products out to our local community as well as our bigger national community. Who we work with always matters.

Conscious Culture

Conscious culture is the list of values, principles, and practices allowing for the business to run smoothly. Conscious culture fosters love, acceptance, and trust between the business and its stakeholders. Branch Out Market only works in a win/win/win situation. We communicate regularly and openly with our suppliers, we look for joint-opportunities to further our reach, and work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied and want to shop with us again. Branch Out Market is aiming to build a web of trust and confidence for our artisans, nonprofits, and customers!


Branch Out Market’s Involvement

Branch Out Market not only practices conscious capitalism but we also participate in local chapters in San Diego and Los Angeles. This helps us network with other conscious leaders, learn new best practices, and focus on building a long-term stable access to market for our stakeholders. Participating in these events helps us to better practice and to perfect our skills in order to create the excellent shopping experience you see here today.


To learn more about Conscious Capitalism and join the movement, check out their website at https://www.consciouscapitalism.org


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