Where the Spirit and the Hands Connect

Leather work is one of the most challenging crafts there is. That makes it even more amazing that one of our partners, Afreek Leather, is able to craft such amazing products. Alfred started as a partner and now like most of his customers, he has become a close friend. Alfred cares so deeply for his craft and spends so much time; yet puts so much love into every one of his creations.


There are a lot of processes that happen before you receive your leather apron or belt. The traditional steps to leather making are numerous and detail oriented. First, preservation occurs to render the leather temporarily impenetrable. Dehydration preps the leather for dehairing, the removal of all remaining hairs, and splitting, dividing the leather into numerous parts to get a better coat. After cleansing the leather of all remaining flesh and tissue the artisan can finally get to work putting the detail into the piece. Tanning gives the leather the color. This requires careful watch and checking to make sure it doesn’t over soak. The artist can then choose which technique to coat it with. Oiling, brushing, and polishing have very different effects.


With each step in the process requires a dedicated artist and Alfred certainly is one, Alfred likes to say art is “where the spirit and the hands connect.” Alfred molds the leather into something magical that he can sell. He is careful to preserve the leather of its natural texture and beauty while putting his own unique spin on the process. His focus is creating unique products but in a traditional way, so they will outlast generations. His fascination with the old way of doing things, truly crafting, combines his passion with new innovative designs.


His products featured in our market include the beautiful leather bow ties, leather aprons, leather key chains, signature dog collars and leashes, and more. It’s rare that you can actually see the love and care someone puts into their work like you see in his. Afreek Leather is passionate about his work and he wants to share it with you.


Check out the craftsmanship and more on Alfred here.


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