The world can be a scary place for a young mother

The world can be a scary place for a young mother with no access to a stable source of food or shelter. One of our amazing partners, New Moms offers resources for these young women to provide a secure and happy future for their children and themselves. Their goal; to share the love of God by surrounding young moms and their children with all the resources they could need to transform their live. Founded in 1983 by Ellen Kogstad Thompson, they seek to solve the growing problem of homeless teen moms with no financial security.

The program has grown so much since its days distributing diaper and formula from Ellen Thompson’s car. Located in Chicago, United States, New Moms offers a 2-year transitional housing program for homeless adolescent mothers and their children. Their Transformation Center is made up of apartment units and the center can house up to 40 moms and 50 children at a time. This stable living environment not only benefits the mothers but the children as well who get to experience having a place to call home.

New Moms provides an opportunity to gain work experience and a stable income while they live there as well with a comprehensive 16-week job training program (targeting women aged 16-24) which provides these women with the opportunity to work at their candle company, Bright Endeavors, and allow them to strengthen and develop their professional skills. Bright Endeavors candles shine almost as bright as the futures of these women. New Moms teaches their mothers that they have the capability and right to thrive and live happy lives, ones that they are passionate about and ready to start living.

Their family support programs also encourage the women to support their children with parenting education, prenatal education, and home visits. These tools empower young moms to transform their stories from ones of hopelessness to ones they dreamed about as little girls.

Branch Out Market is proud to sell Bright Endeavors candles and to be partners with this wonderful social enterprise!

Source: “Changing the Future for Young Moms in Chicago and Suburbs.” New Moms,

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